What They Are Saying

"Westlake's wireless solution is a terrific program."
Michael Farr
CNN Financial News

"Westlake fundamentally understood our wireless business challenges and solved them quickly."
Hassan Alamdari
VP Operations
Valley Couriers, Inc.

"Westlake has significantly reduced the cost associated with servicing our clients, which created new cash flow to grow our business."
Kenneth Cleveland
Founder, President & CEO
Kenneth Cleveland Financial

"Westlake's technology creates real juice in wireless."
Susan Kuchinskas
M-Business Daily

Experience – Expertise – Collaborative Approach

Westlake Software's management team has a deep background in wireless solutions and technology.

We currently support the longest running wireless return on investment seminar in history, dating back to 1994. Our technical experience started with sending some of the first-ever text messages from a computer to alphanumeric pagers in 1993.

We have supported more than 500,000 users, sending information to more than 20 million wireless devices, as well as transmitting billions of wireless messages annually. Our management successfully co-branded messaging software with 38 wireless carrier partners in 26 countries and in four languages. This included companies such as AT&T, Sprint, MCI, Hitachi, Comcast and Verizon (then AirTouch), to name a few. This led to more than 2,000 wireless consulting projects in assisting those carriers in helping their customers automate better.

Our management has consulted on projects ranging from creating the first wireless slot machine notification system for Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to embedding wireless technology into firmware for Hewlett Packard.

We recently consulted with the state of California. We helped the state aggregate more than one billion dollars in savings by preventing wide-scale rolling blackouts. We also helped them design and implement an automated wireless power aggregation system (covered by CNN Financial News).

And we're not just for large companies…

Our organization has consulted with companies of every size.

We are passionate about helping companies of any size make good decisions with their wireless data deployments. We are also prepared to help any company or organization that has an existing solution become more efficient or consult on a failed roll-out to get the solution back on track.

We have worked with hundreds of handsets, wireless carriers, networks and back office systems. We have the knowledge to ensure that you are selecting the right equipment and services for the needs you may have. We have helped companies negotiate lower rates with their carriers. When that doesn't work, we will help you transition to a more cost-effective solution.

Contact us today to discuss any wireless need you may have; which may include:

  • Carrier selection
  • Carrier rate plans
  • Coverage issues
  • Advantages and disadvantages of handsets and smartphones
  • Field force assessment and analysis of the technical skills of your field force to ensure they end up with the right technology
  • Solution architecture
  • References and discussions with existing Westlake customers who have had some of the same challenges

For a free upfront consultation on your wireless deployment and wireless solution implementation needs, please complete our Needs Assessment form or Contact Us today.

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Needs Assessment

In most cases, wireless business implementations can become complicated quickly.

We have set up a step-by-step form to help you organize the best way in which you might want to approach your needs. Since 1994, our management team has helped well over 1,000 organizations find ways to use wireless devices and services to improve productivity, decrease costs and improve sales, when applicable. Click on Needs Assessment below to get started

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